GolfDren bunker liners are flat products formed by 3D structure of omnidirectionally oriented polyethylene fibers.

Their distinctive feature is high water permeability, both perpendicular to the plane and in the plane, and their advantage over granular drainage materials is their low weight and related easy handling and simple installation.

GolfDren products provide long-term separation, drainage and filtration functions in bunkers. GolfDren guarantees unchanging long-term sand consistency without contamination by other natural subsoil materials.

GolfDren bunker liners are produced in the Czech Republic and they are tested in compliance with harmonized European standards for geotextiles and geotextile-like products. The products are CE labeled and they are environmentally friendly.

Professional bunker liners for golf courses

Nature-friendly innovation that saves you time, money and energy.

Our products

Why to choose and invest in GolfDren and not another bunker liner?


A quality product with professional performance at low prices that every golf course can afford. Prices for our products start at 7.6 € per square metre of material.


Production and storage of GolfDren products right in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic. This guarantees low transport costs anywhere in Europe compared to the competition.


The products have been designed in such a way that their installation and functionality do not burden the environment in any way. The individual strips are attached to each other by heat, no artificial adhesives or staples are used.


10 years warranty from the date of covering plus service level agreement in case of rupture or other defects.


We will be happy to teach you how to work with GolfDren products so that you will be able to install them yourself. This will save your club additional costs.

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About Us

We believe in professional thinking. Every step which we take changes golf bunkers to something new.

GolfDren is a family business. We have invented and have been enhancing and developing affordable, lasting and complex solutions to golf bunkers, exploiting successful industrial materials.

We are golfers, we are GolfDren.



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Ypsilon Golf Liberec

Thanks to GolfDren, we solved the contamination of sand from the subsoil of bunkers. GolfDren products have significantly reduced sand run-off in our bunkers during excessive rainfall. A total of 41 bunkers were realized within the entire golf course.

Martin Šíma, Managing Director


Golfplatz Breitenfurt

For years we had the problem that the gravel from the drainages mixed with the bunker sand. After the installation of GolfDren products, this problem was fixed and the bunker sand remains free of stones, making play more pleasant for all golfers.

Patrick Franz, Club Manager

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Colony Club Gutenhof

We have tried the bunker liner from GolfDren as a test for next year. The company is very efficient, very helpful and the fitting of the liner was carried out very professionally by them. Thank you very much. I look forward to seeing an excellent result next year.

John Jackson, Course Manager

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Golf Resort Olomouc

This is our first experience with GolfDren and our impressions are purely positive. The professional and friendly approach of Mr. Pastrňák during communication and the implementation itself is an excellent starting point. The product is reliable, it solved our biggest problem in the bunkers. We would be more than happy to continue our cooperation in the future.

Jan Kalabis jr., Club Manager


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