What's on

8. 4. 2024

Kaskáda Golf Resort

In April 2024, we renovated 4 bunkers at the Kaskáda Resort in Brno within their training academy. GolfDren Duotop was installed in the bunkers and we also built an artificial edge to ensure the bunkers remain permanently the same shape. We look forward to continuing our cooperation.

12. 2. 2024

Installation of bunkers at Eaton Golf Club, Norwich

At the beginning of the year, thanks to our partner Durabunker, we were invited to Eaton Golf Club in Norwich, where we built two bunkers together and trained staff for future installations. GolfDren Duotop and artificial edge were installed in both bunkers. Further renovations will be carried out in-house.

29. 9. 2023

Italian market opened, first pilot bunker at the Golf Club Le Rovedine

In September 2023, we installed two bunkers with GolfDren Duotop at the prestigious Golf Club Le Rovedine with architect Franco Piras. The installation also included a Durabunker artificial edge, which we will distribute to the Italian market.

17. 6. 2023

First pilot bunker in the United Kingdom

In June 2023, a pilot bunker was built at The Manor Golf Club (Kingston) in England. The new GolfDren Duotop was installed in the bunker and an artificial edge including steps to the bunker was built together with Durabunker company.

10. 5. 2023

Introduction of the new GolfDren Duotop product

The newly developed GolfDren Duotop product will be added to the product portfolio from 3Q 2023. It will be a composite liner consisting of both polyethylene fibers and a filter geotextile. Compared to other products, GolfDren Duotop offers better mechanical resistance, tensile strength and separation.

15. 3. 2023


As part of the selection process, GolfDren products have been chosen for the golf bunkers at the newly built OKOL LAKE PARK championship course in Bulgaria near the Rila Mountains and the famous Borovets ski resort. In the first phase, 1838 m2 of material will be delivered.

24. 12. 2022

Merry Christmas and happy new year 2023!

Petr & Daniel Pastrňák

21. 11. 2022

Opening new markets - pilot bunkers in Slovakia and Sweden

During November 2022, we opened two new markets. We installed a pilot bunker on the championship course in Tále, Slovakia. We also visited the Ljusterö Golf Club in Sweden. On both courses we installed a GolfDren bunker liner and Durabunker artificial edge. These products guarantee full area protection of the bunker.

20. 7. 2022

Installation of artificial edge in Golf Resort Olomouc

As part of the bunker reconstruction at Golf Resort Olomouc, we installed the first artificial edge Durabunker in the Czech Republic.

The artificial edge eliminates bunker pollution, significantly slows down water during heavy rainfalls and ensures the bunker will have the same look and shape for many years with minimal maintenance costs.

20. 4. 2022

Colony Golf Club

We have been selected as the main supplier of bunker liner products for the bunker renovation at golf club Colony Club Gutenhof, a member of The Leading Golf Courses, Austria.

1. 4. 2022

Partnership with Durabunker Ltd

GolfDren Solutions Ltd has become the official distributor for Durabunker Ltd, a company specialising in the design and construction of artificial and synthetic bunker edges, from April 2022. Together with Durabunker products we will be able to offer and deliver a complete solution for golf bunkers.

Our company will represent the Durabunker bunker edging system in the markets of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and the Baltic countries.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to our future projects.