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Petr Pastrňák


petr.pastrnak@golfdren.com +420 725 017 609

Golf has been a part of my life for eighteen years, both professionally and as a leisure activity. I have experienced both - success and failure - and even feelings pushing me to resign in the field of golf. But I cannot do so, and this leads me to new challenges and new future. The moments when the golf course awakes in the morning and then falls asleep in the evening, are my most favourite times.

My motto: ‘Think twice’ is applied by GolfDren as well.


Daniel Pastrňák


daniel.pastrnak@golfdren.com +420 732 661 660

I have been involved in the field of golf since I was fifteen. My five-year work experience on a prestigious Czech golf course has taught me to be aim- oriented, punctual and a team player. And being successful not only as a professional sportsman, I am positive that hard work pays off.

My motto: ‘Think out of the box and then think again. ‘- Steve Jobs